Volčji Potok Arboretum: pearl of the Slovenian horticulture

Arboretum2For an unforgettable experience take a stroll in Volčji Potok Arboretum, the pearl of Slovenian horticulture stretching along the streams and meadows south of the town. Abundant flora (3,500 species) is put on display in all seasons. Thanks to a large playground, the place is especially suitable for families with children. Throughout the year, various exhibitions, workshops and events take place, with the most popular being the annual spring exhibition of tulips and spring flowers.

Snovik Spa & Apartment Village: the highestlying eco spa in Slovenia

terme snovikIn the beautiful Tuhinj Valley, the highest spa in Slovenia, Snovik Spa, is situated. Next to a varied spa and pampering offer, numerous events are held and different courses and programmes organised. The offer follows the guidelines of sustainable tourism. There are also many thematic paths in the surrounding area, recently an open-air gym has been arranged. At the edge of the woods, apartment complex, which was the first in Slovenia to be given the EU Eco Label for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation (over 400 beds), is located.

Tunjice Open-air Natural Healing Resort

Zdravilni gaj2Revitalizing energy centres and the oldest seahorse fossils in the world.

One can gather new strengths and energy at the Natural Open-air Healing Resort of Tunjice, Holistic Health Centre. Set in unique natural surroundings, the Natural Healing Resort of Tunjice is suitable for self-healing, treating, eliminating blockages, pain, infertility, detoxification and other diseases of the modern times. The resort is also known for living water, which has a huge energy output. Within the area, there is also an exhibition of the oldest seahorse fossils in the world, which put Tunjice to the world map of geological heritage.

Source: TIC Kamnik

Taste Kamnik Kamnik is a project of evoking Kamnik traditional cuisine and combining it with modern trends, thus creating a list of several typical dishes which will amaze even the most demanding foodies. Come and check for yourself!

Chamois soup  derives from Kamniška Bistrica Valley, which was known as the hunting ground for the prince.

Tuhinj stuffing was prepared only on important holidays.

Princely Venison Goulash - This venison dish is a special reminder of the hunting tradition in Kamniška Bistrica Valley as well as the reminder of how important venison was in the local cuisine.

Kamnik mustard and whole-grain mustard (ženof) are produced by Eta.

Ursuline convent cream layer cake (kloštrska kremšnita) comes from the Ursuline Convent in Mekinje, a village near Kamnik.

Rušpvc tips and Pinecone liquor - Liquor made of tips and pinecones.

Fun fact: Salty pear-shaped cheese, decorated with carves wooden seals. It is typical fort he herdsmen tradition of Velika planina. Trnič cheese is produced in pairs, as it exemplifies a shape of women's breasts. Tradition goes that it was given as a present from a boy to a girl as an expression od affection.

Traditional events

Arboretum 7

Arboretum Spring Flower Show

Volčji Potok Arboretum boasts numerous events throughout the whole year. One of the most important is certainly the traditional Spring Flower Show, which takes place at the end of April and the beginning of May.

KamFest Summer Festival

Kamfest Summer Festival is traditionally held every year in August. The main venue is Mali grad Hill, with various new venues being added each year, thus ensuring lots of entertainment for young and old. Icing on the cake are the concerts of carefully selected domestic and foreign performers. The event is organised by Priden možic Cultural Association.

National Costumes and Clothing Heritage Festival

On the second weekend of September the National Costumes and Clothing Heritage Festival takes place in Kamnik. The festival with more than 40 years of tradition has gained its visibility on both, national and international level. It is considered one of the largest folk festivals in Slovenia, with the most popular being the Sunday parade of national costumes, when around 2,000 costumes from Slovenia and abroad parade through the town centre.

Source: TIC Kamnik


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