Location: Loška dolina (Europe)
Location: Loška dolina (Slovenia)

About Loška dolina

Two Karst fields emerge from the embrace of the hilly world boasting majestic forests – the Loško polje and the smaller Babno polje. They were created through thousands of years by the persevering waters which carved through the lime and dolomite, cold winter winds from the snow-blanketed Snežnik and not least, by the enduring and diligent hands of the local people, who for centuries adapted themselves to the difficult conditions of nature in these areas.
Due to the novel characteristics of these areas, visitors like to call them 'undiscovered pearls'. Researchers of natural and cultural beauty will not leave here stoically. Proverbially, you will always find the namely reserved Inner Karst locals to be extremely hospitable and friendly hosts.
Source: Public institute of Culture and Tourism Snežnik Castle  


Check out the natural and cultural attractions of Loška dolina and Babno polje. Images of natural and human creations are changing their reflections through the change of seasons, and their timeless grandeur fills us with admiration.


Fun & sports

Feel the power providing you with movement in unspoiled nature. Alone or in company, on foot, by bike, on horseback, on a stony path, snow or through the translucence of the sky ... Reach out to the vastness of the natural environment, feel the fresh air, which with breath strengthens the body and clears the mind.


History & culture

In distant history it was relatively densely settled which is proved by numerous archaeological finds. The most interesting of them is the site Terpo on the nearby hill Ulaka.



The home-made culinary delicacies of the Society of Countryside Women and Girls will entice even the most demanding  guests.



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