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Source: TIC Krško

Influential people

Adam Bohorič (1520-1598)

Bohorič, a Slovenian Protestant writer and educator, was born in 1520 in the vicinity of Brestanica. From 1551 to 1563, he ran a school for the aristocratic youth in his own house in Krško. In 1565 he was invited to Ljubljana, where from 1566 he became the headmaster of the stanovska šola (a city school). Bohorič is the most influential person in Slovenian Protestantism and the author of the first book on Slovenian grammar.

Jurij Dalmatin (1547-1589)

Dalmatin was a Protestant theologist, translator and writer born in Krško. He was a student of Bohorič and later continued his education in Württemberg by recommendation of Primož Trubar. In 1578 he finished translating the (entire) Bible and published the 1st part. In 1580, a part of his translation of the Bible – Salomonove pripovesti (Salomon’s legends) – was published separately.

Fun fact: Janez Vajkard Valvasor (1641-1693) - Valvasor was born in Ljubljana in 1641. He devoted his entire life to science and has gained a lot of experience and material for his studies during his numerous travels. His lifework is The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola. He spent most of his fortune on this work and others. From the remains he bought a house in Krško in February 1693 and presumably died there in September the same year.

Source: TIC Krško


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