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Beekeepers trail

 From Dolenja vas you walk through the forest  area of Black ponds to former trenches and bunkers from 2nd World War. Forest trail leads past vineyards and vineyard cottages to the bee house and river barrier. At the first vineyard cottage you can see the old solar clock, and after a short while you enter the whole wine-growing area of Čele. Past Godler and Molan vine cellar, pass Župevc farm to the Špiler tourism farm, where you can taste the traditional culinary delights. more

Miners trail

The trail starts at the mine cube (work by academic sculptor Tone Demšar), monument to all generations of miners. The trail continues along the southern edge of the former daily mining. In Reštanj is the former engine building (mašinhausa), with history of the mine. In Ravne you can see a collection of movable technical heritage of coalmine Senovo - locomotives, wagons and the entrance to the mine tunnel. Following the trail of the former railway you return to Senovo, where is also geological collection and mini mine tunnel. more

Krško trail

Krško trail is a looped walk and leads from the pond in Resa to Libna, known as archaeological site of the early Iron Age, and from there to Zdole past the pond in Anovec and huge linden tree in the village Ponikva. From the Wine Cellar Resnik past the vineyards to the highest point of the trail, hill Grmada (488 m) where is mountain hut and beautiful view of the Dolenjska hills, Krško-Brežice valley, Gorjanci and Trdinov vrh to the South, Sljeme to the East, and Kum in the West. From Grmada the trail joins the Trappist trail until the junction with chapel and back to the starting point beside the pond. more

Josipina Hočevar trail

The Josipina Hočevar trail takes you from the old  town of Krško  to the monuments that remind us of city benefactor Josipina Hočevar. It starts at Krško town Museum followed by visit to the parish church of St. Janez Evangelist and Hočevar Square  to the Town Park, where is a bust of Josipina Hočevar. Trail continues past the fire station to the church of St. Rozalija, with a memorial plaque for Josipina’s gratitude, donated by the mayor Mencinger. The trail then leads to Trška gora past the church of Sv. Jožef and back to the old town where you shouldn’t miss Kapucin library. more

Adrenalin sports


There is a long tradition of speedway sporting in Krško, as apart from Ljubljana, Krško is one of the larger sporting centres for such sports. There are many racers from here that are masters in their field. Motor sport enthusiasts can see speedway races in the Matija Gubec stadium in Krško. Speedway races take place from April to September as part of the national championships and qualifications for the world championships, cup competitions, club and individual championships.


Krško has a modern karting race track where kart races, courses in safe driving and go-kart renting take place. They can also organise races for group finalists, which creates a real racing atmosphere with racing trophies and champagne

Source: TIC Krško


The greatest opportunities for boating are on the river Krka, which with its idle current and without significant drops in elevation does not pose a problem for even the less experienced or beginners. The idyllic landscape of the Krško region will flow past its slowly moving almost still current with easily manageable rapids and islands on travertine formations.  Locals use shallow wooden boats for fishing, while kayaks and canoes are more suitable for navigation over the sometimes very shallow waters.

Source: TIC Krško


Part of the hunting ground lies on the northern slopes of the Gorjanci and stretches over the river Krka into the Krakovski forest up to Trška hill above Krško and on the left bank of the Sava river all the way to Bohor. The hunting grounds are equipped with high lookouts; salt lick is also provided, intended primarily for roe deer, but red deer and wild pigs also visit.


Fishing takes place on moving waters and on ponds. Fishing on the river Krka will be enjoyed by fishermen of large wild carp, tench, bream and roach. Fishermen recommend fishing for catfish, pike and zander from a boat. Fishing clubs care for ponds, rich with numerous species of fish. The Studena stream is inhabited by trout, bleak, common bleak and common nase, while the stream Obrh is populated with trout and bleak. The Senuša is populated by brown trout, bleak and pike. The stream Lačni is populated by brown trout and bleak. The Sušica stream has brown trout, bleak and common nase.

Source: TIC Krško


The racetrack Brege is located in the area of Brege pri Drnovem where harness and horseracing takes place. During the appaearance of horses and treir owners other parallel activities take place, especialy betting, which should not be missed at such events. Various assessments, exhibitions and branding of horses and foals also take place at the racetrack.Dotik čarobne gline

Source: TIC Krško

Fun fact: Bathing and swimming - There is the possibility of bathing and swimming at the pool in Brestanica and in the river Krka, but mostly during the warm summer months.

Source: TIC Krško


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