Paradise for Hikers’s Trail ( Krašči, Ropoča ): “Ledavsko jezero” lake, Chapel of the Heart of Jesus, natural habitat – wetland meadows, Ledava creek, tourist farm.

The Cultural Heritage Trail: Café Alenka, Plečnik's Church in Bogojina, wine cellars, Gaj, open-air museum – thatched traditional houses of pottery in Filovci. The trail is part of the Pomurje Mountain Trail and Martin's trail.

The Wine Shops Trail: The Oasis of Health Centre in Tešanovci, wine shops, tourist farms, the chapel in Zgornji Moravci, Vivat Spa, Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice, the Protestant Church in Moravske Toplice, Terme 3000 Spa, accommodation, catering and traders in Moravske Toplice, Old traditional well “Čiga” near Tešanovci.

Prosenjakovci Trail: Bilingual elementary school Prosenjakovci, Koltay’s mill, hunting lodge, Romanesque rotunda, Tourist Information Centre Selo (upon arrangement), Protestant Church, Matzenau manor, restored school well.

Sweet Trail: Honey-bread bakery, Časar's mill, beekeeping. The trail is part of the Pomurje Mountain Trail.

Theme Trail Trail: Resar’s house, abandoned stone pit, stonecutting, firehouse, pond of “Kač,” village centre – Pörga, Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, castle park, castle Grad.

Pannonian Trail: Pannonian Trail will lead you to a number of cultural and natural sights in this part of Pomurje. You can visit a modern tourist destination with gems of cultural heritage, wine cellars and vineyards, from where nature offers a magnificent view of the travelled way.

Nordic walking WALKING is defined as walking with specially designed poles. A proper use of the poles exercises up to 90% of the body's muscle mass. It particularly strengthens posterior shoulder muscles, increases the flexibility of the spine, and alleviates neck, shoulder and back pain. A Nordic walking guide will show you the proper walking technique.

Martjanci Trail: Sports and recreation centre in Martjanci, Church of St. Martin in Martjanci, old school with a “stork’s nest” in Martjanci, accommodation, catering and traders in Martjanci, Livada golf course.

Up the First Hill: Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice, the Protestant Church in Moravske Toplice, Terme 3000 Spa, Vivat Spa, accommodation, catering and traders in Moravske Toplice. Rest stop. 

Orienteering Trail: World War II National Liberation memorial in Vaneča, Church of St. Boštjan in Pečarovci, accommodation, catering and traders in Pečarovci.

The Trail of Fellowship: Centre of spirituality in Kančevci, Church of St. Benedict in Kančevci, Franc Ivanocy monument, Mikloš Küzmič monument, Birth House of Franc Ivanocy. Rest stop.

Green Trail: “Marič” pub in Sebeborci, Vivat Spa, the Protestant Church in Moravske Toplice, accommodation, catering and traders in Moravske Toplice.

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice


I don' t have any time and I'm in no mood

Moravske Toplice – Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

Flatland and safety road goes around  the Terme 3000 in part of the region named »Čreta«. It presents the tourist village and golf-links, which gives this part of the region a special mark. You will find a tipical Panonical well »Čiga« on the road, and there can you experience a part of history. Road is partly a bike-path and partly a local road.

It is suitable for occasional bikers, families and Nordic Walking.

To the storks

Moravske Toplice - Noršinci - Martjanci - Moravske Toplice

Experience the life on a musing flatland, tilling ground and tipical Panonical road village. In the Martjanci village in the nearness of the church of St. Martin you can admire the old storks nest, which was a shelter of many fethering generations.

With a little luck you can witness first aviation exploits of the young stork generation. Road is a local way, partly a bike-path. The land is flat and safe.

It is suitable for occasional bikers, families and Nordic Walking.

To the Plečnik's »White Dove«         

Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci – Bogojina - Ivanci - Mlajtinci - Moravske Toplice

Flatlands road goes through the tipical Panonical village Tešanovci to the famous »White Dove« - Plečnik's church in Bogojina village. Arhitect Jože Plečnik has imagined his masterpiece as a union of religion and national wealth. We also reccomend a gradient to the nearest  outlook tower with the view to the surrounding vineyards and the flat Ravensko. The road is flat with the gentle  gradient and partly a bike-path.

It is suitable for occasional bikers and families.

I'm under your spell

Moravske Toplice - Mlajtinci - Ivanci - Bogojina - Filovci - Strehovci - Dobrovnik - Bukovniško jezero - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

You can drive on a road, which will wake up your nostalgies and bring you to the magic world of energy. In the village Filovci by the pottery Bojnec the old houses will charm you. Next you will be enchanted by the Bukovnica lake. Along the lake, by the chapell of St. Vid and Vid's spring, there are energy points. It is said that the water that flows from the spring has healing properties, specially regarding eyesight. 

The road is mostly flat with one gradient and 2 km long macadam section.

Line of the world record

Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Bogojina - Ivanci - Mlajtinci - Noršinci - Martjanci - Moravske Toplice

Experience an exploit! Ultra biker Jure Robič (Jesenice, SLO), multiple winner of the bicycle race through America (RAAM), achieved a record on 24-hours  chronometer on this line in 2004. On a circular ride, he conquered 840 km without resting.

The road is flat and suitable for occasional bikers and for those who want to imitate the record holder.

On the hills

Moravske Toplice - Martjanci - Sebeborci - Andrejci - Zgornji Moravci - Moravske Toplice

Reccognize a piece of  Goričko Regional Park and you will see that Prekmurje is not only a flatland. The Goričko is directly ideal for researching on a bike, because there is no traffic, it is very original, and not to steep. Small farms preserve a view on the world, which slowly dissapears. You can admire a wonderful hills with rising sun, which will fill your hart with energy. Also you can visit the church of St. Martin in Martjanci where you can admire beautiful church frescos of Janez Akvila. On this road can you try home made ham and other tradicional dishes.

On the road there is a longer gentle gradient. The road is suitable for those who look for peace and no traffic roads.

Romantic road          

Moravske Toplice - Zgornji Moravci - Fokovci - Vučja Gomila - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice

You want quickly to vineyards? After the rondo, Goričko Regional Park with its beauty waits for you. Because of  small hills this is a road for nature friends and romantic views lovers. On the gradient there are many tourist offerers and they expect you openhanded. Your efforts will not be in vain.

The road is quite hilly and it is suitable for those, who like biking on peaceful and not traffic roads.


Moravske Toplice - Tešanovci - Vučja Gomila - Selo - Prosenjakovci - Pordašinci - Motvarjevci - Bukovnica - Bogojina - Tešanovci - Moravske Toplice             

The road is real pearl. It is not easy, but still accessible for occasional bikers. On the whole road you will be experiencing a beautiful view. After the gradient to the Vučja Gomila, a descent to a romantic Rotund church in Selo with a great shadow of old chestnut-tree, waits for you. This cylindrical Rotunda with a shallow cupola and semicircular apse on its eastern side was probably built in the 13th century by the cruisaders. In the village Prosenjakovci you can visit the ruins of the old, 19-century castle Matzenau.

Sweet road

Moravske Toplice – Martjanci - Sebeborci - Ivanovci - Kančevci - Ratkovci - Lončarovci - Ivanjševci - Berkovci – Prosenjakovci – Motvarjevci – Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

This is the most difficult but the sweetest road. It was made on initiative of some individuals that live along the road. It will introduce to you several eminent artificers, who put a lot of love in there products and keep the inheritage alive. Try sweet products of honey sweets at Medičarstvo Celec in Ratkovci and visit the beekeeping by family Kozic in Ivanjševci. Creep into the history of our grandfathers in Časar's mills in Berkovci. Along the road there are also several buildings of national heritage worth visiting.

The road is very hilly and suitable for bikers, who have more power and who can take more time for it.

Let's go to Hungary   

Moravske Toplice – Zgornji Moravci - Prosenjakovci –Magyarszombatfa (H) – Gödörháza (H) – Velemér (H) – Szentgyörgyvölgy (H) – Nemesnép (H) – Kobilje – Motvarjevci - Bukovnica – Bogojina – Tešanovci – Moravske Toplice

The road is longest from all, but we recommended it to you, because it takes you to our neighbours. Hungarian villiges are very different from ours. Time goes by more slowly there. In pottery village Magyarszombatfa you can expect many artificers. A wooden bell-tower in Nemesnep is very interesting.

The road is very hilly, but it has also many flat sections.

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice

Hunting the river Mura up the hills of Goričko, rich hunting fields are spreading all over the region of Prekmurje. The agricultural areas mixing with the preserved wilderness of the forests in Goričko, the green,  natural landscape of the flood groves along the river Mura and in the vicinity of Polana, and the marshy areas and backwaters of river Mura give these hunting fields a distinctive image and appeal.

In these areas along the Mura river, many species which are native to these habitats can be found. We would like to point out the presence of the otter, among the birds the black stork, the eagle, many subspecies of ducks and geese, etc. Furthermore, in the forests of Goričko, big game like red deer, roe deer, boar, etc. are likely to be found.

Fishing the Municipality of Moravske Toplice there are a few gravel pits filled with water, a small lake at the village of Motvarjevci, and the lake of Moravske Toplice health resort,  where fishing is possible. The lake of Moravske Toplice health resort is available to the health resort guests only!

Fishes: carp, pike, tench, sheatfish, bleak and many other species.

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice

Horseback Riding are very intelligent animals, and they will quickly teach you to take time for yourself and to realise that the life is only a game. Therefore, it isn't important how old you are, what type of character you are or whether you are from Slovenia or abroad. It doesn't matter whether you are a good rider or not, since horseback riding is much more than just an outdoor activity. You will establish a unique friendly relation with the horse, and they will take you into their own world, full of tranquillity and relaxation.

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice

Golf landscape of Prekmurje is idyllic,  full of natural beauties, as well as cultural and historical places of interest.  For this very reason, this harmony of the landscape attracts those who are looking for recreation, peace, relaxation, and above all, sportive pleasures. In Moravske Toplice and its vicinity, a golf course with 18 holes , which encompasses the Spa, completes the recreational offer.

The Golf Course Livada Moravske Toplice provides a lot of pleasure to both experienced and less experienced players as well. The training course for strokes and the putting green are at the visitors' disposal. The players can take various golf lessons and courses, and participate in organised tournaments.

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice

Field Hockey hockey is probably one of the oldest Olympic sports. It can be played in a similar way as football on a field that is nearly as big as that for football (soccer), and it is divided into four equal parts. The goal is as big as a handball goal, and it is guarded by a goalkeeper who isn't allowed to cover or seize the ball. Ten players in two teams each participate in a game that consists of two halftimes of 35 minutes. The strategy of the game is similar to that of football, yet the players aren't allowed to come into contact with the ball except with one side of the curved stick. The stick is shorter than the one used in ice hockey. For this very reason the field hockey isn't as raw a game as ice hockey. Hence, this game is gaining popularity among the girls. Field hockey is most in our region of Prekmurje, where three hockey clubs are active (HK Moravske Toplice, HK Predanovci and HK Lipovci).

Source: TIC Moravske Toplice

Fun fact: Footways – The villages in the Municipality of Moravske Toplice abound in vineyards  and orchards just like several other parts of Slovenia. Many footways lead from Moravske Toplice through the enchanting villages and mixed forests, and over low undulating hills. Source: TIC Moravske Toplice


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