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Slovenians are the majority ethnic group in the town of Murska Sobota. In the late 19th Century there were strong Hungarian, Jewish and German ethinc communities in town and they were instrumental in creating the cultural image of the developing town. The Roma ethnic community, living predominantly in the neighbouring village of Pušča, the largest Roma settlement in Slovenia, also represents an important share of the population of the area and Murska Sobota is the seat of their organisation, the Roma Union of Slovenia.

Young and energetic town

Despite its mighty hundred-year-old oaks and wonderful historic buildings which tell of its rich history, the town of Murska Sobota is a young and energetic town. Fast motorway link with the rest of Slovenia, the fast growing industrial zone, successful businesses, shopping malls on the edge of town, banks, insurance companies, educational centers and facilities and a lively pulse of the town, featuring a wide variety of cultural and social events.

Fun fact: Castle Rakičan - Its riding school offers lessons for beginners and for those wishing to improve their riding skills, and horses can be hired from the manor stables. Those who find riding too demanding are invited to enjoy a carriage ride, and children can explore their fantasy world riding on the children's train.



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