Sport And Leisure

Murska Sobota can boast a long and fruitful sports tradition. The first sports club Mura was established in 1924 which runs the Fazanerija football stadium. In the time period between two world wars the Sokol gymnastic society used to be very active and it was very instrumental in the erection of the gymnastic hall in Mladinska-Street which has preserved its function to this very day. The town has had a series of excellent sportsmen in various sports, especially table tennis and marshal arts, football, handball and basketball. Other popular sports include athletics, shooting, tennis and dance. All the year round there are sports events and competitions in marshal arts, there are numerous tournaments in team sports, as well as various races in running and walking. Just outside the neighbouring village of Rakičan, there is a sports airfiled, run by Aeroclub Murska Sobota which also organises aerobatics and hot balloon meetings.

Fun fact: A survey has shown that the Municipality of Murska Sobota has the highest numbers of sports facilities per person in the country which confirms that sports activities are very popular with our people.

Source: Zavod za kulturo turizem in šport


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