The Land of Celje is home to a rich tradition of various types of crafts. Works of art produced by today’s artisans are often backed by a national certificate (Art & Craft Slovenia). Hand-made items, which represent a priceless connection with the past, make a great gift or souvenir.

Besides apiculture and honey and wax products, the area is known for one of the oldest crafts in Slovenia, i.e. gingerbread-making. Herbalism is also very popular, and you can take a guided tour or join workshops on the use of herbs in medicine and nutrition. Making paper flowers used to be very popular, but unfortunately today it’s very difficult to find somebody who has truly mastered it. The production of original items of straw and plaiting materials typical of the area of the Dravinja Valley is well-preserved. Pottery, clog-making and cooperage are also still active.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Food and Drink

Discover the variety of culinary treats of the LAND OF CELJE.

Enjoy “koline” (home-made sausages and other pork products), “potica” (sweet rolls), “mlinci” (flat cakes), capons, home-grown vegetables, ecologically produced Kozjansko apples or traditionally made salami sausages. The Land boasts its own cheese ripening rooms, breweries, home-produced spirits and a large selection of excellent local wines thanks to this area also being one of Slovenia’s viniferous regions. 

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Fun fact: You can also decide to visit movie theatres in the centre of Celje and Rogaška Slatina, which are part of the Art Cinema Network. To see the latest films, you can go to any of the eight halls in Planet Tuš in Celje, which also has 14 modern bowling lanes and lively evening and night music entertainment.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje


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