Municipal Park

The flooding plane on the right bank of the Savinja River under Nicholas’ Hill (Miklavški hrib) is called the Savinja Meadow (Savinjski travnik). After 1856, its appearance underwent changes because Ivan Orešnik, the owner of the Kapun Mansion (Kapunski dvor), had two avenues planted with wild chestnut trees along the river bank. This gave birth to the river bank promenade – the foundation of today’s municipal park.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Municipal Forest

The Municipal Forest is an area of well-preserved forest that stands on the southern outskirts of Celje.

100 hectares of dense forests provide a good network of 12 forest trails with a total length of 14 kilometres. Thanks to its proximity and accessibility as well as extraordinary diversity and level of preservation, the Municipal Forest is also an excellent place for education about natural ecosystems and the basics of sustainable development.

The various programmes in terms of content are adapted to children of all ages; foresters offer a professional approach to primary and secondary school students in accordance with the forest pedagogy that has been developed in the last decade through guided tours through the Municipal Forest enabled to many school groups.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Lake Šmartinsko

The lake was created after the construction of the 18.5-metre high and 205 metres long Loče dam on Koprivnica stream in 1970. The lake’s surface measures 113 ha. In addition to its original function as a high water retainer, the lake and its environment over the years changed into a sports, recreational and tourist area that is becoming increasingly popular. Only a few minutes from the centre of Celje, it enables to you relax and exercise. The lake is great for running, cycling or trekking, as it is very well arranged, the nature around it is intact and most of the trail to and around it is safe and beautiful.

The lake also offers boat, kayak and pedalo rentals, and you can take a ride on the lake in the Lake Queen Boat. There is also a temporary golf course and the option of picnic area rentals.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

Fun fact: Lake Šmartinsko is located in the direct vicinity of Celje. Together with its picturesque shore and interesting environment, the lake is an attractive point that is being developed into a comprehensive and attractive tourist product with special features through initiatives from the local environment.

Source: Zavod Celeia Celje

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