Ana`s Route

The route offers a perfect combination of relaxed hiking on level and inclined terrain along with a number of natural and cultural points of interest.

From the centre of Dobrna, the route leads down the road past villa Ružička towards the Devil`s Gorge, past the Gutenek mansion (former brewery) to the Kneipp basin with its crystal-clear water from a rock spring. Past the Bierkeller Cave and Drenovec Fall, the route ascends along the falls of the Drenovec swift stream to a clearing suitable for picnics. A grass-covered road leads onwards to the Marovšek homestead where you can visit an old smithy and its small collection of antiquities. At the branch, the route takes a left turn towards the Šumej homestead and its historic attraction, the black kitchen. The route then travels up a forest path leading around a hill to the settlement Zavrh. At the crossroads, it turns right and heads along the road to the next crossroads where it takes a left turn.

Source: TIC Dobrna

Loška Trail well-marked Loška Trail, which takes approximately two and a half hours, runs through the Loka Valley with its red karst “terra rossa” soil. From the center of Dobrna, ride through the spa complex, the ethnologic collection, the Chapel Gallery  to Klanc. First visit the open-door Pri Minki Tourist Farm (blueberry brandy) and then the wine cellar of Miha Švent (Sauvignon and Modra Frankinja wines). See for yourself that the old Dobovičnikov “kozolec” (traditional Slovene hayrack) is really constructed with wooden nails.

The “valley of mills,” among which the Volkov Mill is best preserved, then follows. Treat yourself to ice-cold refreshment in the Knajpov pool, and read all about the “Kneipping” therapy on a board by the pool. In the paddock of Lamperčkova farm, about 160 red deer, moufflon, and fellow deer await your inspection, and at the Blažič farm they will show you their collection of local old sabers and other antiques. Return to the center of Dobrna past the ruins of the 13th-century Kačji Castle and three fishponds (fishing possible!).


Walking path – Dobrna - Brdce nad Dobrno, the Daje Valley - Paški Kozjak path for all who love the most beautiful plains of Paški Kozjak and the Daje valley with a variety of mountain flora. From Dobrna centre at the roundabout you follow the main road, past the Hunter’s Inn to the bridge across the stream Dobrnica. By the bridge where you cross the stream there is a view of villa Ružička on the right. Turn left and follow the direction towards Hudičev graben.

On the right you will be greeted by once a majestic mansion Dobrnica (Gutenek – once a brewery). The stream Dobrnica is by your side all the way to the place where the signpost says stony cave “Ledenica”. At this very point you join “Anna’s path” – A, leading steeply uphill. You follow the path through a forest, to a meadow and onwards to the asphalt road leading directly to Brdce nad Dobrno, to the farm Miran Štravs (app. 100m). The owner will show you a magnificent view of Dobrna and its surroundings.


Path Dobrna - Paški Kozjak Dobrna - Paški KozjakThe main summits of Paški Kozjak, around 10 km of long narrow and extremely steep lime mountain chain, are a known view: Špik – 1109m, the highest summit Basališče 1272m and Štrukljev Vrh (1227m) the highest summit of Dobrna Municipality. The mountain hut on Paški Kozjak is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM, Mondays are closed.

Waymarked mountain route leads from Dobrna centre past the hotel Vita in the direction of the spa, following the road to the slope over Klanc to “Žeblar Chapel” at the top of Klanc. A signpost warns us about the turning to Loka, however, we go straight on. The steep path turns left into a hilly forest and continues on a cart track. The road leads us past the Hunting Lodge to Jurk farm from where, to the right there is a well waymarked uphill Šaleška mountain trail and to the left the trail of the XIV Division.


Fun fact: Forest educational trail – The Drenovec area is one of these special “natural sanctuaries”. A new forest educational trail takes us through the wilderness of a canyon carved out by a torrent, with its waterfalls, picturesque rocky towers and inaccessible wooded slopes. While walking through the untouched nature, you can learn about its sustainable use, the unusual cultural heritage and visit the two- hundred-year-old Šumej farmhouse, which offers an insight into the traditional ways in which man and nature used. Source: Terme Dobrna


CyclingDobrna is an ideal place for cycling, for those, who like driving in a  remote area or over hills, valleys and meadows, as well as those with helmets on their head exploring asphalt expanse.

Destinations are almost limitless, from beautiful Savinja Valley Mozirski gaj and the Logar Valley to Lake Šmartinsko and Celje Castle. The possibilities in the surroundings of Terme Dobrna are truly enormous.

Cycling Paths - map

TERME DOBRNA – PAŠKI KOZJAK (difficulty III rate,14 km)

TERME DOBRNA – ROGLA (difficulty IV rate, 34 km)

TERME DOBRNA – LOVSKA KOČA NAD DOBRNO (difficulty II rate, 7 km)


TERME DOBRNA – VITANJE – PAŠKI KOZJAK (difficulty III rate, 20 km).

Source: Terme Dobrna


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