The fest of kozjansko apple

Kozjanski Park joined the national project called Reviving of grassland orchards and fruit gardens in Slovenia in 1999. In 2000, we made a decision to conclude our year-long efforts with a celebration called the Kozjansko Apple Celebration. It was intended to be an opportunity for the protected area's inhabitants to present their knowledge and products. The event takes place every second week in October. This celebration helps us to protect natural and cultural heritage actively, it is our way of understanding sustainable development.
The celebration culminates at the weekend. On Friday we prepare an expert meeting where we discuss preservation of grassland orchards and sustainable development. We organise a fair with an entertainment programme on Saturday and Sunday. Ecological farmers, craftsmen, societies and partner organisations get the chance to present their work on our fair. Visitors are entertained by performers from Kozjansko region who also get the chance to present themselves. And we never forget about the youngest visitors; we offer special programmes for children.

Source: Kozjanski park

Landscape and formed nature present landscape of the park consists of picturesque nature ambients and arranged traces of human creativity. The forests of Orlica, riparian vegetation along the waterways and the exceptional vegetation of high dry grasslands are the essential landscape elements of the protected area. With their persistence and creative power, people have imprinted typical features of land use in the area of today's park. The centuries of human activities have turned Kozjansko into a picturesque cultural landscape.

Steep slopes vegetated with beech forest are interrupted only by single meadows, fields, orchards and distant farm houses. Rare individuals farm in a traditional way. The outstanding castle location adds value and variety to the landscape.

A typical feature of hills and valleys along the Bistrica river is mosaic intertwining; the villages are surrounded by a green belt of grassland orchards, meadows and fields. Here you can find typical medieval squares with churches, chapels and signs on crossroads, vineyards on sun-kissed slopes, fruit tree promenades, woods, single trees and rich architectural heritage of farm houses.

The lowland along the Sotla certainly adds to the landscape diversity of the protected area because of its rich vegetation, numerous animal species and its typical riparian vegetation that forms a spatial division of lowland.

Source: Kozjanski park

Fun fact: Grassland orchards are a significant and indispensable part of rural cultural landscape in Kozjanski Park. They present an important habitat and also an opportunity for modern, sustainable and ecological farming that originates from tradition, preserves the identity and offers brand new economic opportunities. Orchard management should be in accordance with the aim of nature protection. It should increase the quality of life for local inhabitants. We should be able to offer some healthy fruit or fruit products to every visitor.

Source: Kozjanski park


The remoteness of Kozjansko created a unique coexistence of nature and culture, of tradition and progress. These are the foundations of modern sustainable development. Visitors can enjoy footpaths, cycle tracks, wine tourist roads, collections, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and numerous events that present both tradition and modern creativity – and all the above is closely connected to the beauties of nature and cultural monuments.Visitors can order a guided tour for the complete area of Kozjansko and particularly for:

  • Podsreda Castle
  • Zagaj gorge
  • Slovenian-Bavarian House
  • Podsreda Market Square
  • Kolar's and Javeršek's Farmhouse
  • Pišece Castle
  • Learning trails
  • Levstik's Mill

We cooperate with the carriers of public programs that are included in park's offer (Olimje, Sv. gore, Pišece, Bizeljsko, Pilštanj, Public Forestry Service…) and they help us organise the tour guide service.

Source: Kozjanski park


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