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Footpaths Park's ambition is to promote hiking and this is why we decided to set a single-concept network of footpaths all over the protected area. Beside the theme footpaths we also plan the footpaths around all major settlements in Kozjansko and the connections between them. There are 50 km of marked and well-arranged footpaths equipped with guidebooks and brochures. The network of 4 footpaths includes:

Rudnica and Virštanj geological learning trail (10 km)

The trail takes you around Olimje in the northern part of Kozjanski Park. Although the trail area is relatively small, it is extremely diverse and perfect for presenting the geological development and structure of Kozjanski Park. Visitors can take time to admire nature (the Olimje stream valley, Olimje's linden tree) and cultural heritage (Church of Mary's Assumption and Church of St. Andrej in Olimje, Olimje Monastery, Church of Virgin Mary in Pesek, Počivavšek's hayrack in Slake and archaeological site on the Rudnica). Visitors can enjoy the view on most of Kozjanski Park along the path. It is not demanding, every visitor with average physical abilities can take it. The footpath follows forest paths, cart tracks and some local roads with scarce traffic.

Vetrnik learning path (2 km)

Dry grasslands are the habitats of extreme diversity (50 species per square metre during the high season). Nature admirers can also take a look at numerous rare and endangered orchid species. There are many butterflies, neuropterans, beetles and other animals. Grassland orchards are a vital and indispensable component of traditional cultural landscape in Slovenia. They have been recognised as an exceptional habitat. Unfortunately, they are disappearing. Our visitors can learn about the special value of dry grasslands. Our guides explain about the threats and give some possible solutions. When you reach the top of Vetrnik, you can enjoy the magnificent view on the Boč, Pilštanj Square and the eastern slopes of Bohor.

Podsreda footpath (32 km)

There are only few places where natural and cultural heritage intertwine so uniquely and diversely as in Podsreda and its surroundings. Visitors can take the immense possibilities for experiencing nature and cultural monuments. Podsreda Footpath follows the paths and cart tracks used in old times and it connects the points of interests around Podsreda. Along the footpath you can discover churches, beautiful streams, rivers and their gorges, mills, rare habitats, castles, forests, monuments to important people from history, natural phenomena, legends,  past lifestyle, old orchards and local inhabitants. Dear visitor, take a walk full of surprises and enjoy the outstanding images of nature and culture. Take the research possibilities and meet the local people. Enjoy the moments of pleasure and relaxation.

Pilštanj footpath (4 km)"Pilštanj has always been a noble place.
It had two castles, this heaven among the hills."

A footpath that takes you through the medieval Pilštanj Square is divided into: Square Path – 500 m, Castle Path – 600 m, The Path up the Vina gora (Pot na Vino goro) – 3000 m. Pilštanj is also one of the stops on Ema’s Pilgrim Path that connect places related to Ema in Slovenia and Austria. There are many points of interests in Pilštanj market square where nature and culture hold there hands: yellow cornel tree, pillory, Ajdovska žena, Church of St. Mihael, Chapel of St. Ema, Exhibition on Education, the walls of former Peilenstein Castle.

Source: Kozjanski park

Special offer

Days out in nature

• Podsreda footpath
• Vetrnik footpath
• Geological learning trail Rudnica and Virštanj
• Bistrica gorge
• dry grasslands and orchids
• grassland orchards
• ecological farming
• the nesting place of bee-eater bird (Merops apiaster) in Bizeljsko
• magnificent trees

Culture days

• Podsreda Castle (medieval kitchen, the exhibition Townsman in the Castle / From Ivan Hribar's Heritage, Fossils and Minerals Exhibition, The renaissance hall with permanent exhibition Medieval Clothes (wood carvings), temporary exhibitions by modern artists)
• Levstik's Mill on the Bistrica
• Trebče (Kolar's Farm House – home of Tito's cousin and aunt, Javeršek's Farm House – home of  Tito's mother, lime-kiln)
• Slovenian-Bavarian House – (occasional exhibitions)

Creative workshops

Creative workshops take place at Christmas and Easter time in the Administration Centre. We make Advent wreaths, Christmas decorations, coloured eggs, Easter bundles and other crafts that help children to learn about our tradition.

Easter workshops

At Easter time we organize Easter workshops for children attending schools within the park and for other visitors. We colour eggs with various techniques, we make Easter cards and Easter bundles.

Christmas workshops

During the Advent time the children from schools in Kozjanski Park make Advent wreaths, Christmas cards, candles from natural wax and other decorations.

Source: Kozjanski park


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Nova Gorica
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