We invite you to visit the Logar Valley Landscape Park

The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. It extends into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the north. A part of the Solčavsko region, tradition and nature have found harmony here, serving as a good example of sustainable development. As an added value to agriculture and forestry, tourism offers an opportunity for relaxation in the peaceful ambience of the landscape park as well as hiking, cycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, etc. The park has received a Future in the Alps Award from CIPRA for the successful management of a protected area.

Source: Krajinski park Logarska dolina

Respect for its Heritage

You arrive here as welcome guests because you...
• only park in the designated areas;
• take your rubbish home or throw it in a rubbish can;
• keep your dogs under control;
• treat the animals nicely and do not provoke them;
• protect the rare and endangered animals and plants;
• respect the work of the locals and do not cause damage;
• observe the warnings, recommendations and wishes of the locals;
• leave the cattle, crops and machines alone;
• puščate pri miru živino, pridelke in stroje;
• devote your time to getting to know our environment, life and customs;
…  and depart as friends and return again!

Source: Krajinski park Logarska dolina

Fun fact: Fairytale Forest – The Fairytale Forest is located in the immediate vicinity of the Pension at the Crossroads and covers approximately 20,000 square metres. It features all the best world-famous classic stories, the stories of renowned Slovenian authors, Slovenian folk tales and tales originating from the Solčavsko region. The Fairytale Forest is designed so that children can roam the forest freely in the company of their parents or teachers or they can be guided through the forest by animators (gnomes, witches, etc.) by prior arrangement. The area is also disability-friendly. On the large meadow, your children can test their skills in football and other games. At the Inn on the Meadow, you can treat yourself to some refreshments, or you can throw an unforgettable birthday party in front of an actual woodcutter’s hut.

Source: Krajniski park Logarska dolina


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