Skiing prepared ski slopes and ski-run tracks are where the best Slovenian ski-runner, Petra Majdič, is preparing to provide many sport enjoyments for skiers and ski-runners. Rogla offers ski pleasures from late fall to early spring. At least 100 skiing days are ensured for skiers on carefully organised ski slopes, because all ski slopes are equipped with devices for the production of artificial snow.

The family-friendly centre also offers pleasures for small children. Some enjoy their first turns in the snow sports school, while others have fun in the kindergarten on snow. Those who have plenty of energy and adrenaline get around well at the hurdles in the Fun Park Rogla, on a polygon for free-style snowboarders and skiers, located along the left side of the ski slope Mašin Žaga.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Natura 2000 The Natura 2000 areas on Pohorje, which are determined according to habitat directives, are intended for preserving eleven habitat types and one plant species. Amongst habitat types, there are acidophilus spruce forests between the montane and alpine zones, marshy forests, beech forests, maple forests, Illyrian oak-hornbeam forests, siliceous rocky slopes with rock-crevice vegetation, transitional marshes, active high marshes, species-rich grasslands with the prevailing matgrass in siliceous soils in the montane zone, alpine rivers and green vegetation along their banks and natural dystrophic (acidic, with few nutrients) lakes and other still waters. The important plant species is the Ladder Spleenwort, which is a part of serpentine flora. Two areas are intended for its preservation; the Bistrica ditch and one next to Polskava.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Natural Climatic Health Resort Rogla has been an acclaimed climatic health resort since 1996. The soothing effects of the climate at the altitude of 1,517 metres, in sunny locations sheltered from the wind, are suitable for everyone experiencing difficulty with pulmonary diseases or obstructions. Air enriched with oxygen and the beneficial climate have a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases, allergies, eye and skin diseases and blood diseases. According to experts, they are in particular appropriate for the treatment of asthma, convalescent pneumonia and pleural infections, rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, pollinosis, neurodermitis, psoriasis and convalescence after illness and operations, neurovegetative disorders and hyperkinetic heart syndrome.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Terme Zreče Spa : Acratothermal Medicinal Water The indications of the Terme Zreče Spa are based on four natural factors: the healing mountain climate, acratothermal healing water, peat therapy and fango wraps, which are supplemented through various rehabilitation procedures. The health and rehabilitation programmes are performed in the modern equipped medical centre with a team of qualified experts. Along with the healing effects of the natural factors and a pleasant environment, we ensure accelerated recovery and preparation for reintegration into everyday life.

At Terme Zreče, considerable attention is also paid towards preventive medical examinations based on the preservation of health and prevention of occurrence of diseases. The specialist clinics that operate in the Spa complex are: orthopaedic, physiatric, internal – cardiological, varicose, urological, neurological, rectal, rheumatoid and a clinic for plastic surgery.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Fun fact: The peat of Pohorje is a natural source of health and well-being. This unique natural medicine is distinguished by its ecological pureness and efficiency in the treatment and soothing of rheumatism and other diseases. The age of the peat of Pohorje is estimated to be 10,000 years. Its medicinal effect has a beneficial effect on the diseases of the locomotor system as well as on gynaecological, urological, internal and psychosomatic diseases. Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče



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