Educational paths Petelinjek Nature Educational Path: In mid-September 2007, the Petelinjek Nature Educational Path officially opened. This nature educational path is intended primarily for elementary and secondary level students, who actively participate at 13 thematic posts and get acquainted with life in ponds, swamps, soggy meadows, alder trees and forests.

Dwarf´s educational path: Curious Rogla visitors will most definitely decide to follow a Dwarf's educational trail towards Jurgovo and learn about the vast wealth and variety of nature.

Heart´s educational path: Heart's educational trail was arranged in 2012 and connects elements from the natural and cultural heritage of Zreče. The trail runs in a circle and is 10.1 km in length. One can enter and exit the trail at any point. The trail consists of 13 stations equipped with informative-educational boards, each located at natural and cultural sites in Zreče.

Water-themed educational path: The Zreče water-themed educational path connects elements of natural and cultural heritage and reawakens the town’s heritage through a portrayal of past activities linked with the present. The Zreče water-themed educational path connects the restored well at the railway station, old mills along the Dravinja River, the river itself with its affluent streams and the Zreče Lake and the thermal spa.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Culinary routes route: Zreče – Hotel Pod Roglo in Boharina – Ravničan excursion farm  Ramšak tourist farm on Padeški Vrh – Rogla – House on Pesek – Gričnik tourist farm on Planina na Pohorju – Smogavc guesthouse in Gorenje – Kejžar distillery in Zreče.

Wood-fired route: Part 1: Zreče – Ančka excursion farm, Part 2: Zreče – Lake Zreče – Urška tourist farm in Križevec – Arzenšek tourist farm in Stranice.

Wine - fruit route: Descendant of old grapevine at Lent at Zreče bus station – Andrejc vineyard – Založnik vineyard – Zlati grič – Žiče Charterhouse – “Gačnikov hram” tourist farm in Klokočovnik – Sanctum wine cellar in Lipoglav – Brečko fruit farm in Stranice.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Cycling trips Visit the hundred-year-old forests of Pohorje by bicycle and discover green meadow carpets or arranged vineyards and orchards on the sun-lit slopes of the Dravinja hills.

Trip to Slovenske Konjice: Zreče – Radana vas – Gabrovlje – Slovenske Konjice – Zlati grič – Škalce – Gračič – Zreče

Trip to Gorenje: Zreče – Gračič – Zlakova – Črešnova – Gorenje – Koroška vas – Planina (860 m)

Trip to Križevec: Zreče – Loška gora – Zabork – Stranice – Križevec – Tourist farm Urška

Trip to Žiče Carthusian Monastery: Zreče – Križevec – Stranice (100 FRANKOLOVO VICTIMS MUSEUM – THE FRANKOLOVO CRIME) – Črešnjice – Sojek – Žiče Carthusian monastery – Špitalič – Žiče – Blato – Konjiška vas – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Hiking the Rogla - Pohorje destination on foot along marked hiking trails. Soak up the fresh air in rich Pohorje forests, flowering meadows, fertile fields and vineyards.

Razgledni stolp: Hotel Planja - Razgledni stolp (1517 m) - Hotel Planja

Lovrenška jezera: Hotel Planja – Ostruščica (1498 m) – Mulejev vrh (1533 m) - Lovrenška jezera (šotno barje) - Jezerce – Koča na Pesku - Hotel Planja

PP1 Brinjeva gora: Zreče (avtobusna postaja) – Kavarna in Pekarna Težak – most čez Dravinjo - kmetija Kumarišek – razvaline gradu Freudenberg – cerkev Matere Božje na Brinjevi gori (630 m) – cerkev sv. Neže na Goliki (608 m) – kmetija Kumarišek – Zreče

Črno jezero: Hotel Planja - Koča na Pesku  - Zgornja brv - Klopni vrh (1340 m) - Pragozd Šumik (slapova Veliki in Mali Šumik) – Kmečki vrh - Črno jezero – Dom na Osankarici - Trije žeblji (spomenik NOB) – Zgornja brv - Pesek - Hotel Planja

Pesek: Hotel Planja - Razgledni stolp – Koča na Pesku (1387 m) – Mašinžaga – Sedlo komisija (šotno barje) – Ostruščica (1498 m) - Hotel Planja

PP3 Izletniška kmetija Ančka: Zreče (avtobusna postaja) – park pri Termah Zreče – potok Koprivnica – razvaline gradu Jamnik – Bork  - Izletniška kmetija Ančka – kamnolom – Stara Dobrava – Zreč

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Climbing Climbing adventures on Rogla are presented with original programmes for experts, beginners, schools, companies and families. The lower climbing wall is 2.9 metres high and is appropriate for children and as a warm-up before the real challenges on the higher 9-metre climbing wall. Climbing encourages the family spirit and motivates you to test yourself in a wild adventure. Climbing adventures offer you the feeling of success, encourage self-confidence and provide joy, laughter and healthy entertainment.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Nordic Walking Experienced guides will lead you into the heart of Pohorje forests and you will learn the basics of Nordic walking, which is one of the most effective, wholesome, safe and accessible physical activities and may be carried out throughout the entire year. It is also suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Sport Fishing The Zreče Lake, with an arranged walking path and pleasant corners for sport fishing, is located in the immediate vicinity of the health resort Terme Zreče. Numerous fishermen are enthusiastic about the rich catch of numerous fish species such as Pike, Perch, Trout, Chub, Common Nase, Carp and Bleak. Sport hunting is also allowed in the artificial lake Mašin Žaga on Rogla.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Skiing At an altitude of 1,517 metres, the world is white like a fairytale. Especially on winter days, when the plains rest under a thick fluffy blanket of snow and the mighty spruces of Pohorje are bending under their carpet of snow.

Excellently prepared ski slopes and ski-run tracks are where the best Slovenian ski-runner, Petra Majdič, is preparing to provide many sport enjoyments for skiers and ski-runners. Rogla offers ski pleasures from late fall to early spring. At least 100 skiing days are ensured for skiers on carefully organised ski slopes, because all ski slopes are equipped with devices for the production of artificial snow.

Cross-country skiing The increasing popularity of cross-country skiing is also reflected in the new ski-run polygon that is intended for recreational ski-runners, the numerous pupils who get to know ski-running in the school in nature and top ski-runners. Tracks for recreational and competitive ski-running and a start-finish arena are organised within the framework of the Ski Centre Rogla. With the renewal and completion of the system of existing ski-run tracks, the conditions for the realisation of the most demanding international competitions are fulfilled. In the 2009/2010 season, Rogla hosted the competition for the World Cup of Cross-country for the first time.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče

Fun fact: The Zlodejevo adrenaline toboggan - The Zlodejevo winter and summer adrenaline toboggan run offers excellent entertainment for all generations in all seasons. The wind in your ears and speeds that increase the heart rate provide an adrenaline ride in the heart of the fairytale forests of Pohorje. The descent of 1,360 metres along a long track with steep turns ensures entertainment for the whole family.

Golf course Škalce The Zlati Grič golf course is located among the vineyards in Škalce in Slovenske Konjice. The picturesque golf course has 9 fairways with the total length of 2,500 m and is par 35.

Source: LTO Rogla – Zreče


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