Across the land of the brown bear programme includes:

3× overnight stay at local providers’ twin rooms, 3× breakfast, 2× dinner, 1× lunch, 1× bike rental, 1× boat rental and equipment, luggage transfer, itineraries, maps, organisation, entrance fees (dry goods craft, Škrabec Homestead, Matic’s ethno house).



Kočevsko-Ribniška is the highest-lying area of the region, with peaks at 1200m above sea level and individual villages situated 900m above sea level. Endless pathways lead you through unspoilt nature and extensive Natura 2000 areas and forests, which are also home to brown bears, wolves and lynxes.

Kostelska rakija brandy

 Kostelska RakijaKostelska rakija (Kostel’s Brandy) is a fruit distillate, which is made in the area of communities Kostel, Osilnica and Kočevje. The distillate is made of mixed fruit of apples and autochthonous pears. Fruit distillate, named Kostelskarakija, has unique characteristics because of the autochthonous fruit species and natural environment. The characteristics are shown in brandyˊs well-recognized fragrance and in a nice taste.

Based on the sort of fruit used, there are four types of brandy with their characteristic fragrances. Sadjevec (Fruit Brandy) is mixed fruit with pleasant aroma, made of different sorts of fruit. Slivovka (Plum Brandy) is one of excellent homemade brandies, made of plums. Hruškovožganje (Pear Brandy) has a distinctive aroma and it is made of many sorts. Jabolčnožganje (Apple Brandy) has a typical mild taste and it is made also of many sorts of apples.


Fun fact: This honey is a registered trademark and it comes from the Kočevski Rog region, which stretches to the Krka and Kolpa Rivers and covers about one hundred and fifty thousand hectares of land. This honey is distinguished from other Slovenian honey types by its higher quality standards.



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