Ribnica Fair and Craft Festival Festival is held every first Sunday in September on the Ribnica streets. The Fair is a visual feast and tempts nearly 30,000 visitors each year to purchase wonderful items, some of which are displayed being manufactured live by participating woodworkers.

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Craft Centre centre was built in the renovated Marof-adjunct castle building in order to preserve and develop Slovenian crafts, particularly wooden products and pottery, which have centuries of tradition in Ribnica. Visitors can become acquainted with these handicrafts through live production demonstrations and by viewing the permanent as well as temporary exhibitions on the modern production of wooden products and pottery.

Tomaž Košir woodenwarež Košir woodenwareThe manufacture of woodenware is one of the oldest and most widespread handicrafts in Slovenia. In the 15th century, the inhabitants of the Ribnica and Kočevje regions were granted the right to sell their woodenware and pottery products throughout the Hapsburg's Austrian Empire, and the Ribnica peddler subsequently became a familiar and welcome figure across Europe. The tradition of manufacturing and peddling woodenware is continued by Tomaž Košir, who makes small and large sieves, riddles, and bowls.


Pogorelec – Češarek pottery Pogorelec-Češarek pottery workshop continues a tradition of more than two hundred years by manufacturing pottery used in the past: casserole dishes, milk bowls, wire-reinforced pottery storage vessels, and various toy whistles. Their Christmas creches and crucifixes are especially popular. Here you will always find tasteful and suitable gifts, and if you have an idea for a special pottery item, they will happily make it for you. They also manufacture items for decorating restaurants. Visitors are welcome in the workshop to observe closely this venerable tradition of pottery making.

Everything is done by hand on a potter’s wheel, so each item is unique; you can watch the masters at work.


Fun fact: Sour turnip with ribnčan (beans) – Ribnčan is a local type of brown bean. Due to its taste and quality, it was also known and loved abroad. It goes very well with sour turnip or sauerkraut. Source: VisitDolenjska

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