Woodenware and the pilgrimage trails easy route along the magical Slemena to the Nova Štifta pilgrimage village and then through the woodenware villages to Ribnica. For people who enjoy cultural and ethnological sites.

Rigelj – Sveti Gregor – Kamni grič – Nova Štifta – Ribnica

Trail length: 21.5km

Source: heritage trail

Bear Trails medium-difficult trail will take us through forests to the mountain lodges at the Jelenov studenec spring. Here we can rest and then descend to the town of Kočevje and tour the cultural sights.

Ribnica – Hrovača – Jasnica – Stojna – Jelenov studenec – Kočevje

Trail length: 26.4km

Source: heritage trail


The plateaus and forests of Ribnica trail runs along numerous natural and cultural monuments, and ascends from Ribnica to the varied terrain of Slemena, to Sveti Gregor, past Maršiči and Ortnek to the neighbouring slopes of Mala gora. It is suitable for nature lovers and also for better prepared cyclists. Difficulty: a physically demanding trail with several ascents, suitable for physically well-prepared cyclists. One can cycle the trail in several stages.

Estimated cycling time: 5–6h

Trail length: 48.6km

Source: heritage trail

Water – where did you spring from, where are you heading to?

The trail with its starting and destination point in Ribnica, connects the places between the source of the Ribnica river and the underground stream. The visitor will be greeted by numerous cultural and natural monuments along the trail and can also get to know the traditional handcraftsman trades.

Trail course: Ribnica – Bukovica – the spring of Ribnica – Zalužje – Prigorica – Dolenja vas – Sv. Marjeta – Lipovec – Otavice – Hrovača – Ribnica

Trail length: 23.5km

Estimated cycling time: 1.5h

Source: heritage trail

Past market stalls to the land of Woodenware

We will begin our trip at the top of Stojna mountain, a complex of peaks above the Kočevje plain and descend down to the Ribnica plain into the land of woodenware and visit the workshops of woodenware and pottery craftsmen.

Dom pri Jelenovem studencu - Jasnica - Rakitnica - KC Ugar - Ribnica - Lipovec - Mlaka pri Kočevju

Trail length: 47.8km

Source: heritage trail

Fun fact: Twenty hiking trails measuring a total length of 982 km run from the woodenware crafts region via the Kočevje forests to the southernmost areas of Slovenia along the Kolpa river, from Bela krajina through Gorjanci along the trails of the white monks and the pilgrimage trails to Suha krajina and the tufa thresholds on the Krka river. Vir: VisitDolenjska

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