Hockey matches Acroni Jesenice

 Ice-hockey matches in Podmežakla Ice Hall are a unique experience, particularly when eternal rivals Hockey Club Olimpija Ljubljana and the home team are playing. Matches are even more interesting as in addition to the national league the club plays also in EBEL league. Join the hot-tempered supporters Red Steelers.

Source: TIC Jesenice

Intercontinental Cup in tobogganing on natural runs in Savske jame

This is a club competition in tobogganing on a natural toboggan run in Sava caves, attended also by competitors, members of foreign clubs. The competition takes place in January and it depends on weather conditions. The toboggan run leads along a forest road and it is natural. The conditions depend heavily on weather. The run is used also for recreational tobogganing, however during intercontinental cup it is used only by competitors.Smuk za trofejo svinjske glave

Downhill for Pig's head trophy

 In carnival time Tourist Society Golica and Pig's head section organise »Downhill for pig's head trophy« in Črni vrh. The competition has been held since 1967. A lot of skiers, who compete individually or in groups, come to Črni vrh on Shrove Sunday. Anybody with a sense of humour and socializing can participate. The only condition is that participants compete on skis and they wear a carnival costume. The winner gets a roast pig's head and a cup. A mayor is elected on that day as well. Several years ago there was also a competition for the best liar. Since 1994 children have been participating in their own category and the winner gets a sweet pig's head. Costumes, representing current affairs, are particularly welcome. The competition takes place every year, regardless of weather conditions, and it always attracts a lot of visitors.

Fun fact: St. Joseph's Fair - It is a traditional craft fair in Jesenice, held every year from 15th to 19th March. Products, made by domestic producers, can be bought on stalls. There are several domestic music groups performing, children have fun on merry-go-rounds. At the same time the Week of Craft and Entrepreneurship with workshops for entrepreneurs and exhibitions in Tone Čufar Theatre is held. At the end of the fair awards are given.

Triglav Trophy

It is an international competition in figure skating, organised every year in April by Slovenian Skating Union and Skating Club Jesenice. Every year a great number of skaters - seniors and juniors - from several countries (Slovenia, Germany, France, Sweden, the United States of America, Slovakia, Korea, Italy, Canada, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia,…) compete in Podmežakla Ice Hall.Kresovanje na Golici (30. april)

Bonfire in Golica

 In order to celebrate Labour Day (1st May) Mountaineering Society Jesenice organises a bonfire by the mountain hut on Golica. It is a social event, attended by local people and visitors.

Month of daffodils in Jesenice

 In May, when daffodils are in blossom, Tourist Society Golica organises several events. An exhibition of photographs or other works is opened in Štefelin’s house which becomes a temporary tourist office, offering information, promotional material and postcards. As it used to be, during the main event, Miss of Daffodils is selected. The first Miss was selected in 1964. Groups of mountaineers and local people have fun at the village party.

Memorial Day on Obranca

Since 1998 1st August has been a memorial day, until then 1st August had been a municipal day. On 1st August 1941 Cankar troop fought with Germans on Obranca. This was the first armed partisan fight in Gorenjska. Every year wreaths are laid on the memorial, erected in memory of the soldiers killed on Obranca.

The steam train

 The steam train will start its journey from the railway station Jesenice and pass the Alpine jewels of Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica on its way towards the final destination the town Kanal in the valley of the river Soča. At the railway station in Kanal we will get off the train and continue our way on buses - accompanied by tour guides we will drive along the river Soča past the villages Anhovo and Plave to the wine-growing region at the Slovene-Italian border - Goriška Brda. In this picturesque area we will enjoy the views of beautiful small villages, vineyards and fruit gardens.

On our way to Dobrovo, the centre of Goriška Brda, we will make a short stop in the village Gonjače and climb up a 23 m (75.5 ft) belvedere tower, where the whole region of Goriška Brda will be seen from. With some luck with the weather, the neighbouring regions of the Vipava valley, the plateau of Kras, Friuli in Italy, the Italian Dolomites and the Julian Alps can be clearly seen from there.

Afterwards our journey will continue past the medieval village of Šmartno into the centre of the region, Dobrovo. Because we’ll have been “on the road” for quite a while by then, it will already be lunch time. Some entertainment, suitable for children and adults, will be arranged after lunch. Before our return to the Soča valley we will also visit the largest wine cellar in the region and there you'll be able to buy some of the prominent wines of Goriška Brda. Returning to Nova Gorica, the centre of the western part of Slovenia, laying right at the Slovene-Italian border and start our railway journey back towards the region of Gorenjska. You can book a steam train trip in Tourist office Jesenice. More information.

Source: TIC Jesenice


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