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The suggested trails are marked with numbers and a red and white round sign. The Karavanke is an oblong mountain range, with high mountains only in the west, changing into the mountains of medium height towards the east. Western part of the Karavanke is a natural state border with Austria and it extends towards the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the east. Due to the sunny location and mostly undemanding relief they are a very popular hiking destination. SLOVENIAN MOUNTAIN TRAIL or „transversal“, marked with number 1 on all maps, runs along the ridge of the Karavanke.

The highest mountain in the Karavanke is Stol with the altitude of 2236 m. The most popular destinations in western Alps are Kepa (2143 m), Dovška Baba (1891 m), Hruški vrh (1776 m), mountain pass Rožca (1587 m), Klek (1753 m), Golica (1835 m) with Koča na Golici mountain hut (1582 m), mountain passes Suha (1439 m) and Kočna (1469 m), Veliki vrh (1944 m), mountain pass Medvedjak (1698 m), Vajnež (the highest mountain in the Municipality of Jesenice - 2104 m) and Stol (2236 m). Villages Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt are the best starting points for the above trails in the Karavanke.

Cycling and biking tours

Cycling trips in the Municipality of Jesenice are designed as circular tours for various demands: from family cycling to road cycling and last but not least mountain biking. Each tour is interesting, offers panoramic views with sights and restaurants along the route. Viewpoints and rest areas along the route are suggested according to the length and difficulty of the tour, providing a reasonable balance between cycling and tourist sightseeing.


Španov vrh ski area is located in the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice. The bottom of the single-seat chairlift is at 981 meters above sea level in Planina pod Golico and the top station on Španov vrh is at the altitude of 1,361 meters. At the moment the area is 12 ha with 5 km of ski trails, ranging from easy to medium demanding ones.

Ski area Španov vrh – ski season: 15th December to 31st March (depending on snow conditions); daily from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.; Monday from 12.00 to 4.00 p.m.; 7th May to 15th December; Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 12.00 (provided the number of visitors is sufficient)

Skating and curling

Skating Halls: Sports Hall Podmežakla, Outdoor skating rink Jernejc (Aleksander Jernejc), Outdoor skating rink Tourist Society Golica and Natural skating rink at Hut Pristava. Curling Club Jesenice has been active for 50 years. It carries out its activity in Sports Hall Podmežakla. This sport is suitable for all ages and it can be played as recreation or trained for competitions.  It is played on ice in winter and on tarmac in summer. 


In summer you can swim in the outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool Ukova with a 10-metre diving platform. There is also a swimming pool for children – 12-metre diameter and 0.5 m deep. In summer there are several activities organised for children and young people, swimming lessons for children and adults, morning and evening recreational swimming and traditional diving. Jesenice Institute of Sport organises also triathlon and aquathlon.

Sports track Žerjavec

Sports Track Žerjavec starts at the water reservoir at Zgornji Plavž and runs along the walking path on the slopes of Žerjavec. The first third of the track is steep while the middle part is flat and the participants can enjoy a beautiful view of the town of Jesenice. The third part of the track is downhill towards the settlement. There are 15 exercise points on the track of different levels of difficulty. It is 1.5 km long, altitude difference is 100 m. Just follow signs »Trimček« and you will not get lost.


The villages below Golica have had a long tobogganing tradition. Is started because of the need to go to work and school in winter when all the paths and roads are covered in snow.  Later on recreational tobogganing was developed for the fun in the Karavanke, and it soon became a competitive sport.  Natural tobogganing run Savske jame. It is situated in Planina pod Golico in the area of Savske jame. It was made in the 1970s and then renovated in 1975 for the needs of European championship in 1978. It runs along a forest road in the length of 1034 m. It can be used from December to mid-March, depending on snow conditions. Recreational tobogganing is available. During the intercontinental championship, held from the 15 to 25 January, recreational tobogganing is not possible as the run is prepared for the competition of tobogganing on natural runs, attended by clubs from all over the world. Jesenice Institute of Sport organises also tobogganing for larger groups or sports days for schools.


Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering how easy it is to walk on top of the snow cover without tiring trudging through snow. It is attractive because the technique is not difficult and you can explore unspoilt winter nature which is not accessible for other winter sports. In the territory of the Municipality of Jesenice there are a lot of places, suitable for snowshoeing. Pastures and clearings at the bottom of the highest peaks (Rogarjev rovt, Martinčev rovt, Mentnovo polje, surrounding of Španov vrh, Pusti Rovt, Dobravski rovti, Pristava) and connecting forest roads offer ample opportunities for shorter or longer snowshoeing walks in winter landscape; more demanding people can go snowshoeing on the slopes of Hruščanska and Jeseniška planina, mountain pass Kočna, Belska planina and Vajnež. Snowshoes are also ideal for snowboarders when climbing to the top.

The climbing wall on Stara Sava

The climbing wall was opened on 21 September 2013. It is maintained by the newly-established Plezalno društvo Jesenice (Jesenice Climbing Club). The wall offers very interesting climbing routes and is definitely worth a visit. In winter, we will make sure that our visitors (climbers) will not be cold at the covered market (where the climbing wall is located) through underfloor heating and by partially closing the space with a protective curtain. There is always at least one person trained in safety at the wall, and you can rent a rope, protective equipment or climbing harnesses (adults or children).


Guided tours

We would like to recommend several guided and self-organised trips in the Municipality of Jesenice. They are interesting and include all important natural and cultural sights. Everybody, groups or individuals, who would like to discover the town of Jesenice and places in the Karavanke is invited. Spring, summer and autumn months are the best time to discover the secluded places. Trips which include visits to daffodil sites are feasible when the flowers are in blossom. Trips are guided by local guides. Trips should be booked at least five days in advance. Itineraries can be adapted to individual groups. All trips can be booked at TIC Jesenice where you can get more information.

Theme paths

Old Mining Rout

The Old Mining Route was once used for transporting iron ore from Savske jame (Sava Caves), formerly one of the most abundant iron ore sites in the area, to the smelting furnaces at Stara Sava. You start your hike at Stara Sava in Jesenice. Declared a cultural monument with a municipal ordinance, the area has all the key elements of an iron-working village even today: a mansion, church, workers' residential house, a smelting furnace and supporting plants, mill races and a mill. The Route runs through Jesenice, past the old part of the Murova settlement, along the forest path to the Pejce hamlet and on towards Savske jame through the villages Prihodi and Planina pod Golico. Along the Route, you will find everything from “glajžnji”, chapels and tunnel entrances to replicas of mining trucks and signs. It is enriched by ten information signs describing the hard life of miners and ironworkers. The recently renovated Route is appropriate for all generations, from the youngest to those who are a little older.

Gajšek Trail

The starting point of the Gajšek Trail is by the abandoned tennis courts at Kres, in the upper part of the Koroška Bela settlement. It is marked with a signpost displaying the basic details about the Trail and Koroška Bela. The Trail starts at an altitude of 711 metres, slowly climbs through a forest and after an hour’s walk ends at Pristava v Javorniškem Rovtu at an altitude of 975 metres. It is about four kilometres long and is considered to be an easy and undemanding trail. There are three information signs to guide you along the way, providing information about the Trail and the local environment, and there are also wooden benches for resting as well as a drinking fountain for the thirsty.

Natural history and mining learning path at Javorniški Rovt

The path is 8 km long, altitude difference is 600 m. There are 15 observation points with corresponding information boards and signposts. The path is full of natural and historical characteristics which young people can explore and thus learn about the laws of nature and remains from the past by experiencing. It is interesting not only for school groups but also for adults and tourists.

Fun fact: A part of Slovenian geological transverse, running along western Karavanke from Jezersko to Tržič, reaches also the territory of Jesenice or Javorniški Rovt. In geological sense, the area of western Karavanke is a "small geological school« in itself. In addition to getting to know geological sights the visitors will be able to explore Karavanke forests, glacier valleys, streams, Alpine dairies and beautiful deer dwellings. Numerous scientists and fossil lovers come to this area, looking for traces of remote ages. A collection of fossils, found in Lepena, Spodnje Počivale and Pristava, is exhibited in Gornjesavski muzej (Upper Sava Valley Museum) in Jesenice.

Source: TIC Jesenice


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