About EUParky project

Short presentation of the Euparky project

The main idea of the project is the connection and interaction of different Slovenian, Croatian and – after three years – also other European (EU) national, amusement and historical parks with Parky as the main link.

Parky would travel across Croatia and Europe and get to know cultural, geographic, historical and other characteristics of the country he would visit, when concentrating on one or more parks in that country.

At the same time, the country he would visit would get to know other countries cooperating in the project. In this way, children would be able to learn a lot about Slovenia, Croatia and, afterwards, also about different European countries and their parks. An international exchange would also be possible. Tourist visits would grow, what would bring benefits to the state, local inhabitants and the parks themselves.

The image of Parky, the key character, is designed in such a way that children can identify with him and with other characters which Parky meets on his journey through the countries of Europe.

The Internet site will be designed in a way to later on enable adding other new parks in Slovenia, Croatia and other European countries. Online sales and various marketing offers would grow. The portal would later on develop into an internet browser of European parks, which would enable funding the portal, because various service providers would be interested in the internet advertising on the portal and in the preparation and design of their application (parks and advertisers would pay an annual advertising fee). The portal would enable virtual visits of parks and through various promotional competitions also a visit to the park as the main prize. On the other hand it would enable a promotion of different Slovenian and Croatian products and services and selling toys and other products on the internet.

Parents would be able to make hotel reservations for the stay in parks and other tourist destinations. It would also be possible to advertise restaurants and inns on the portal.

Advertising on a virtual tourist map of Slovenia and Croatia with selected destinations and other tourist locations in Slovenia and Croatia, which would also be prepared, would be possible. The portal would enable advertising of various children’s products: toys, park mascots, food products, etc.

The portal will be continuously upgraded and will offer an opportunity of self-funding. It will also generate new jobs. Acquiring information about tourist destinations in Slovenia and Croatia would add to a growth of tourist visits in Slovenia and Croatia and to a better visibility of both countries and their marketing products.

For the realisation of the @parky project, the newest Web technology will be used, which together with its design and ergonomics, will enable the best user experience. A multi-layered architecture will be used to separate data, logical and presentational layers and ensure exceptional reliability with the ability to expand and update.

Contact Information

Email: info@euparky.eu

Web: www.euparky.eu


Destination suggestions

Top 3 destinations
Nova Gorica
Triglav National Park