EUParky project partners

Medijski partner d.o.o.

Medijski partner d.o.o. is a company in the field of magazine publishing, internet portal development, education and marketing and sales consulting. The company was established in 2007 to start various publishing programmes and has now different successful marketing media: Marketing magazine monthly, MM - KREATIV review, - internet marketing data, - internet radio data and other projects.

Owners and employees of Medijski partner d.o.o. are skilled specialist in the marketing, sales, promotion and internet.

There are now 4 employees in Medijski partner with over 60 free-lance contributors. We base the success of our company on satisfied, competent and well qualified workers. We are proud to be part of the company that is following its purpose, vision and goals through cooperation, innovation and expertise.

Some Medijski partner References:

  • Mobitel
  • Simobil
  • Delo
  • Dnevnik
  • Pro plus
  • Zurnal media
  • Samsung
  • OMD
  • Pristop

All project participants of Medijski partner d.o.o. have a lot of managing experience in the field of managing projects. Different successful media projects in print and internet version were developed within company. On a daily basis different journalistic projects are realised for daily internet page including contacting different subjects - companies, people, professionals; writers, assistants, photographers, IT specialists and designers are included in this. On monthly basis specialist magazine Marketing Magazine is being published and different companies and staff is being managed: more than 40 writers, 4 photographers, designers, printing house, distribution organisation and other specialist. On yearly basis other extra project are managed like: sales of advertising space, events organisation, festivals covering in Slovenia and Europe (in 2009 - Praga, Amsterdam, Valencia, Venice,...), negotiations with different companies, presentations and other projects.

Internet managing is also important part of our work: we now manage 4 different pages on daily basis with large amount of data and other professionals included in the project.

Our company is specialised for advertising, marketing, event and media and is able to manage all necessary tasks regarding sales, promotion, marketing analysis and IT.

Project participant 1: Mr. Marjan Novak, General manager

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Work experience:

  • different managerial positions
  • marketing
  • sales
  • media

Relevant projects:

  • 1995-2000 Europlakat; development of different sales media strategies
  • 2000-2005 Metropolis Media; marketing activities for different key Slovenian and international advertisers; campaigns, promotion, media
  • 2001 Slovenian Advertising Festival; chairman of the festival, managing team of 30 plus several companies
  • 2005-2010 Marketing Magazine; monthly magazine and daily web information portal for media, advertising, design; sales of advertising space projects
  • 2005-2010 Media Polis; different media advertising activities with complex media mix strategies (television, print, internet, ...). More than 30 different clients projects with complex structure and negotiation requirements.

Project participant 2: Mr. Primož Hribar, Project member

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Work experience:

  • marketing; great marketing skills in creative and strategically thinking
  • sales; 5 year experience in selling different marketing and advertising projects with leading Slovenian advertising media houses.
  • events promotion; organiser of different complex events; good knowledge of modern events promotional
  • Skilled in different modern media techniques

Relevant projects:

  • 2005-2008 Europlakat
  • 2008- Marketing magazin

Project participant 3: Mrs. Simona Kruhar, Project member

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Work experience:

  • Journalism; excellent writing skills, good interweaver
  • Editor; several years of editorial experience of different monthly, daily and internet newspapers
  • excellent skills of using advanced media technologies and media software
  • analytical thinking skills


VIDI-TO Ltd is the leading Croatian information technology publisher (both online and in print) with expertise in the field of online information services and communications, as well as in consulting and lab testing services for local and international ICT companies. VIDI-TO has launched a number of absolutely new and original internet based publishing, community and online content database projects. These projects also included information dissemination and communication, both for citizens and business community. VIDI-TO’s pioneering projects have opened a way to other similar projects in Croatia.

Presently VIDI-TO group of web portals consists of the following services:,, (with a distinct unique sub portal,,,, and the corporate web portal Relatively recent acquisition of company Mobil Ltd along with accompanying Croatian Top 50 web portal (including CaféMobil forum) fully covered targeted audience group. The range of online information services is thus making the VIDI group the leading independent content provider in Croatia.

The audience of Vidi group is over 570 thousand registered readers and users of online services and print media. VIDI group now competes with much larger groups that control Croatian web portals. Aggregated audience can compare to sites of large media companies - Oglasnik group (,,,,, Styria digital group (,,,, EPH (, Adria Media, Tau, Croatian Telecommunications (, InMedia (,, Monitor group (,,,, NCL group and Nov@ TV (,

VIDI-TO publishes in paper and digital form magazines «VIDI» (dedicated to information technologies) and «PC Play» (magazine for computer games). With nine brand names, sales in five Southeast European countries, unrivalled revenue volume and overall sales, VIDI computer publishing group is the leading ICT publisher in Southeast Europe. With app. 550.000 CD-ROMs/DVDs published annually, VIDI is also the leading CD/DVD publisher in Croatia and the Southeast European countries.

VIDI-TO is the initiator and organizer of the following contest for online and IT projects: «Prime-Minister's Web Award», «Vidi Web Top 100», «Vidi e-Novation» and «ICT Gold».

VIDI group of web portals (What is VIDI?); It is a portal of daily general news service in dozen of sections. It features significantly news from information technology. It also contains the following services: forum, „café“, romances, postcards and classifieds. It is the central place of magazine VIDI, which uses this channel for surveys. The site is open for advertising.; Site dedicated to new technologies – news, hardware, software, comparison of technologies, news on business, Internet, telecommunications, security, VIDI television, podcasts, etc.; News from car industry, automotive sports, pricelist of more than 1300 car models in Croatian market, database of car repair shops, car tests, car lexicon.; Specialized sub-site with the largest online database of car tires. News, marks, warnings, advices from car tires field.; Web portal and print magazine dedicated to computer games. – Recent acquisition of VIDI group. Online communications are moving toward mobile phone units. The portal widely covers mobile telephony – devices, prices, operators’ tariffs, new technologies and OS’s. Site additionally contains Mobil radio. Site has got almost a million page views per month and more than 230 thousand absolute unique visitors.; Free techno encyclopedia focused primarily on information technology. It is similar to Wikipedia in approach to presentation and updating. It is a public service for citizens and companies on new technologies featuring professional and verified articles. This cooperation is a new form of publishing, and it is a valuable service on information that has not yet made it to “official” encyclopedias and handbook.

New project under preparation are White Papers Collection (database of domestic and foreign white papers in PDF format) and ICT Calendar (information and communication events calendar).

What VIDI-TO does the best:

VIDI-TO is the leader in online innovations in Croatia. It has got proven track record of inventing, developing, deploying and maintaining specialized web portals. All aspects of web portal developments are thoroughly covered – determining the need, detecting the target audience, content and form of presentation and dissemination. VIDI-TO has got a deep in-house insight in web technologies, applications, methods and publishing possibilities and trends, including accompanying marketing aspects.

VIDI-TO has got successful online projects and permanent staff to maintain them and capacity to develop new ones. Such complex projects are not possible with high level of management skills, especially because VIDI-TO does not use “cookie-cutter” (“copy-paste”) approach, but rather develops management strategy and tactics separately for every and each original content and project. Therefore, VIDI-TO is able to manage all stages of tasks for which it is responsible within the project EUParky – application wise, database wise, security wise, logistics wise, CMS wise, etc.

Main field of expertise and contribution to the project is multimedia publishing know-how and experience in developing portals for well-defined projects and audiences, most often “from the scratch”. There is strong know-how in creating concepts for online services, know-how in testing services and surveying and targeting audiences. SEO and SEM optimization is also part of that know-how. Significant portion of the required know-how is also the experience in installation of servers for online services, security backups, optimization, monitoring, especially for multimedia web portals. Online/web shop concept experience is there, too. Tools like e-mail newsletters, CRM for subscribers, advanced CMS, direct e-marketing methods, optimization for mobile access, user comments capturing etc. contribute to overall quality of VIDI-TO’s projects. Last, but not least there is experience in cross-promotions, insight into habit and behavior s of visitors, improvements in user friendliness of web portals and various education components.

Project participant 1: Mr. Tomislav Kotnik, Project leader


  • New York University, by Naomi Levine, Fund rising, 2008 — 2008
  • New York University, Gene De Libero, Publishing - Digital media - Narrowcasting, 2008 — 2008
  • Henry George School of Social Science, by Stephen Yoon, Macroeconomics - fundamentals, 2007 — 2008
  • IEDC - Bled School of Management, GMP, Management, 2003 — 2004
  • University of Zagreb, Economics 1993

Work experience:

  • Founder, co-owner and CEO of VIDI-TO multimedia publisher.

Relevant projects:

  • Development of all above mentioned web portals, most of them pioneering in the niche, or bringing novelty to the Croatian web space

Project participant 2: Mr. Krunoslav Čosić, Project director

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Major in Telecommunications

Work experience:

  • VIDI-TO multimedia publisher (2008 - present)
    • Director of all Vidi group web portals
      • Research and development, including application development for Android OS)
      • Experimental work with social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, etc.)
  • BEL Communications (2002 - 2008)
    • Executive Editor of magazine Mobil
    • Editor-in-Chief of magazine Mobil
      • In charge of “Front-page face” Award, event management, free newspaper edition “MINI MobilMedia”
      • Financial duties
      • Marketing and leading marketing team
      • Professional fairs presentation
  • Student jobs:
    • Student radio (1995 - 2001)
    • President of student organization (1995 - 2000)
    • “Mobile box” section editor at Vidi magazine (2000 - 2005)

Relevant projects:

  • New web technology research projects.
  • VIDI group web portals integration projects.
  • Experimental work on online social networks.
  • Android OS projects.
  • Development of existing VIDI group web portals.
  • Online marketing research projects.
  • Online marketing research projects.
  • Content creation for web portals.

Project participant 3: Mr. Milan Dukić, dipl.oec., Project member

Faculty of Economics, Major in organization and management

Work experience:

  • VIDI-TO multimedia publisher (2006 – present)
    • Sales Director, Product Manager
      • Market research statistical analysis.
      • Development, presentation and execution of sales for VIDI group web portals
      • Logistics and supervision of all activities related to print editions,...

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